Saturday, November 8, 2008

My newest addiction!

I would have to say that my newest addiction is etsy! "What is etsy?" you ask, well it is the most exciting place to find handmade items. Buy or sell, chat and much more! I have just joined the 28th and am ADDICTED! Helpful hints and good advice is what you will find from all.

I have just set up shop and am currently really under construction! I have been changing this and that, plus trying to get my items listed and out there. Being a SAHM it is always nice to earn a little extra $$ but actually setting down and creating these items is soothing and helps me save my sanity! So take a look and tell me what you think! Any advice or suggestions are very welcome!

My newest category is Educational Books for Kids. All of this has been inspired by my 4 year old daughter! We are trying to get her ready to start school next year and have been working on everything . I want this to be a special experience for her and have been trying to personalize everything , so she has something all her own and wants to learn, not me just picking about this and that. I guess I have hit the nail on the head, she loves her new customized ABC's and 123"s book. She carries it around everywhere and she will often be found in her room working in it! I am so excited!!

I am currently working on other books to help get her on the move and having fun with learning! My newest idea in the works is readiness skills! She is helping out with the pictures I use and the color schemes, she is very eager for me to get it done so she can do her homework as she puts it!

Currently in the works, I want to feature 3 etsy members in every post. I feel that all the shops are so special and unique, and this gives me a way to Thanks, to a community that has helped and given me so much! My first featured shops will be all about Kids! So check back!

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